Packing for Iceland

I’m going to Iceland!!!

And it’s going to be cold. Colder than I’ve probably ever experienced before, but that’s OK, because it’s Iceland!

Iceland has been on my bucket list for a while. It’s pretty much what dreams are made of for travel lovers. Adventure, nature and a funky little capital city to boot- what more could you want?!

Although I’ll only be going for 3 nights, I’ve been planning ahead what I’ll be taking on my trip. Ya know, just to make sure I come back with every single one of my toes. These little piggies are staying put!

If you’re planning on taking a similar winter holiday trip and have got no idea what to take, below I’ve listed a few packing ideas based on what I’m hoping will be a well-prepared, successful trip!

IMG_2465 copy

Jumpers (your most snuggliest)

IT’S SO FLUFFY! That is exactly what you need to be saying when packing for a winter trip. Pack the warmest ones you can find, even if that means wearing a Christmas jumper in February, DO IT. Jumpers with polo necks work great because they double up as a scarf.

Thermals everything

For the first time in my life I own a pair of long johns- and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, you need to go all out on this one. You will not regret it.

Walking/Hiking boots

I’m going to be heading out on the Golden Circle tour; it’s likely to be windy, wet and slippery, so me and my clumsiness are not taking any chances. These bad boys have a sturdy sole to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

IMG_2471 copy


Scarf. Hat. Gloves. Backpack. You get the idea.


Probably the most important thing you will need. Preferably windproof and waterproof, and a fur hood so you can look good too. Ski coats are also great. Your choice of coat really depends on the destination, so choose wisely. If you’re planning on being more adventurous on your trip, you would be better off buying one from Mountain Warehouse or North Face to really suit your needs.


Now on to the fun stuff… a camera is pretty much an essential item for me. Whether that be my Canon 600d or my Fuji Instax Mini- taking photos of new and beautiful locations adds to the fun of exploring a new destination. If you are heading somewhere where there is likely to be snow topped mountains and you resist the urge to take even one photo.. HOW?!

Travel Journal/Book

As well as a small notebook that I take with me on all my travels, I’m also taking this one by Axel and Ash. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it for a while and finally received it as a gift this Christmas (I’ll be doing a whole post about it in more detail soon, so keep your eyes peeled!).

I also find it imperative to bring a book with me when I travel. I love reading and there’s nothing better than finding a local cafe, drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate and reading a good book.

And.. don’t forget your passport and money! You might just need those.

So that’s pretty much all I’ll be taking with me to Iceland! Apart from the usual toiletries too, of course. There will be lots and lots of hand cream involved to fight off that winter dry skin!

I’ll be posting more on my trip to Iceland over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!



Growing up, I shared a room with my sister, Sarah. It wasn’t the largest of rooms, but we managed to squeeze two single beds inside, parallel to each other like two sticks floating down a river. The small space between almost acting as a measure of time. The four-year age gap has never really seemed that much. The beds were pushed back against the window ledge which overlooked the grove we lived in.

At night, it felt eerily quiet. Almost a pristine existence of an average suburban street. Looking back at my childhood and growing up in the 90s, I never really felt fear. I’m not sure if there is more evil in the world now, or just that the only real terror I personally saw was in high school horror movies. I was always waiting on Ghostface or Candyman to show up. Yet, the quiet and the darkness never really scared me.

While I was still small enough to do so, I would perch on the window ledge and gaze out onto the street and up to the night’s sky. A cascade of stars alerted me to the great unknown. I spent many sleep-stricken nights looking out, almost searching, but with no real intent but to pass time. Pass time until the sun would shock me back into reality.

I miss those moments of peace and solitude. Though I was never truly alone, with my sister a mere foot beside me, I miss the long nights of just pure gaze and wonder.

Because wonder is a funny thing.

When I would stare out at that quiet street and up to that black sky, wonder always meant dreams, aspirations and questions. Lots and lots of questions, but I would never expect an answer, I would merely conjure up all these various possibilities and extraordinary stories behind every little thing. And that was enough.

If I lay awake at night now, wonder means something very different. It often means regret. Regret and anxiety. It’s the things I should have said that day to a frustrating manager. It’s debating who was wrong between me and another angry driver. It’s thinking of something positive in the future, and all the things that could go wrong to prevent it from happening. It’s the wrong type of curiosity.

It’s a pretty fucked up daydream.

Wonder doesn’t have to be accurate. It doesn’t have to be meticulously planned with every question answered. You just let it happen. I truly believe the most creative and exciting people are the curious ones. The ones who are willing to try anything once and not debate over the outcome. The ones who can look at the sky, and see not just darkness, but an infinite spectacle.

I’m gonna bring some of that fearless 90s to 2016, because to wonder, is damn wonderful.

Happy New Year.