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Exploring Barcelona, Part One | Boqueria Food Market, Shopping and Armed Guards?!

When it comes to travel, I usually search aimlessly for hours, even days, to find the best location, accommodation, and general things to do. Most of the time, nothing gets booked; I just live in this fantasy world that I will go to these places, but it’s basically the same as cutting out pictures from holiday brochures and sticking them on your wall.

I consider myself adventurous, but then can you really be both organised and live adventurously? I guess so. At least I like to think you can.

Occasionally however, I do suddenly get a spontaneous urge to just GET OUT THERE. Stop with the incessant scrolling through Pinterest and do something. Anything. Be anywhere. So when the opportunity arose to purchase a ‘Mystery European Getaway’ through discount site Groupon, I took it. Why the hell not, eh?