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Lazy Winter Days

Working a full time job which involves me running around on my feet all day, you’d think on my days off I’d like to just relax on the sofa, gorge myself on chocolate, binge watching The US Office. Okay, so sometimes, yeah, that is my whole agenda. Most of the time though, I get fidgety. I like to make the most of my days off and do something a little more exciting, or at least breathe actual fresh air…

The weather lately has been pretty awful here in the UK, and I’ve found myself less and less wanting to venture outside, but this past Thursday was my day off, and I needed to do SOMETHING.

Me and Gavin took a drive over to Worcester, a town not so far from us and a place I knew well because I’d spent my last two years at University there.  We hadn’t planned on doing much except purchasing a few bits and pieces for our upcoming trip to Iceland, but we stopped for some lunch at the Boston Tea Party. It was a quaint establishment, with a relaxed vibe and lots of great healthy options on the menu.

It wasn’t the most glamorous of days, but it’s nice to spend a bit of time out the house and away from work. Besides, I probably don’t really need the watch the entirety of The US Office for the sixth time, do I?

Maybe one more.

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