Wild World

So here we are, together entwined by the tapping of our fingertips, connected through screens and strings of data that lead to this very path. And here I am, trailing off words that somehow just seem to fit. And this is my introduction.

A warm and merry welcome to you. To begin, I have some explaining to do.

See, we’re all coasting through life one way or the other. Days, weeks and years pass like the blink of an eye, and I often ask myself ‘what have you accomplished?‘ or simply ‘what”s new?‘. I’m 23 and I’m living my life vicariously through other people who seem to have their shit together, basically. I have had some incredible adventures in my life so far, but I constantly find myself aching for more. I think this is a crisis a lot of us have in our twenties. Mine and future generations have been raised in a technology-driven, fast-paced world where we’re constantly craving the next best thing. Personally, I would rather get my kicks elsewhere, soaking up the natural wonders of the earth and beyond. I’m not about to completely devolve back into cave woman- though you should see me when I’m hungry- but I’m ready to take on new adventures. Test myself. The ride is just beginning, after all.

I’m ready.

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