Excerpts from the Travel Diary | Vienna to Venice

I thought I’d start a running feature on here where I share entries from my travel diary. I carry a little notebook with me whenever I travel, just to make note of all the little things that I see, people I meet and restaurants I’ll probably forget the name of. So, rather than a city guide or in-depth outline of my travel experiences, these little excerpts will be more of a glimpse into the space in-between -those moments of quiet along the way. There will be no glamorous descriptions of architecture or passing scenery, but more of an indication of my candid thought process.

This little entry was written on-board a train heading to Venice from Vienna.



First encounters with Italy.. really fucking awkward.

First of all, border control decided to intimidate us as we got on our train. They really didn’t appreciate a nice, polite smile. Then, as we were waiting to catch our next train, I realised I needed a quick bathroom break. We didn’t have long till we had to leave so I ran to the station toilet to find a hole in the floor where I was supposed to stand over and wee into. I had been warned of this being a possibility, but I wasn’t exactly expecting this hole in the floor to also be directly opposite a very large open ‘window’ that overlooked our fellow passengers waiting to board the train. The whole situation was slightly awkward, but I couldn’t help but laugh the whole time. Welcome to Italy!

Just got on our final train to Venice after three changes. We had reserved seats but when we got to our carriage, there was a suited man sitting in our seat…crying. We sat down in the carriage, not really sure what to say or do. We don’t know enough Italian to be able to ask if he was OK, but he’s been on the phone talking to someone and crying for some time now. He probably feels more awkward than us, but at the moment we’re just sat in here in silence.


The suit has just left. There was one other man in our carriage with us and he’s just told us that the suit had been crying for nearly an hour and that from his conversation on the phone, it sounded like there was a problem with his business. I do feel bad for him.

Meeting new people has always been a big part of travel for me. Understanding a new culture, a different way of life. It’s weird how I’ll probably still remember that guy in the suit, crying on my train to Venice, for years to come. I’ll never meet him again. I’ll never know what happened to his business. I’ll see so many faces on this trip that I’ll never see again. The world is a damn big place.

I’m going to rest a little now; can’t wait to get to the hotel! It’s been a long journey!

Oh, and Austria was nice.

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