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Realistic Travel Goals

My first holiday abroad was to Ibiza, Spain when I was two years old. Obviously I have no memory of the family trip, but I’ve been told my first plane journey didn’t go too well. Every year or two after that, me and my family frequented holidays in the sun to Spanish beaches or Portugal villas. Spain was, and still is, a cheap family holiday destination, and a perfect place to pretty much guarantee some sunshine. Over the years though, I started to get anxious about the rest of the world I was missing out on, and family holidays of just lounging around by the pool quickly turned into wanting to get out and explore the local culture. It wasn’t just about ‘going on holiday’; it was about travelling.

This year, as I pointed out in my resolutions post, I’m embracing the free time I do have and going wherever I want. It can be difficult to be a traveller when you have another full-time job under your belt that you can’t just up and leave because you have other responsibilities, like car insurance, rent and a student loan. As much as I love reading other travel blogs and watching YouTubers who have given up everything to see the world, I often think people miss out the behind-the-scenes struggles of everyday living. If you’re not earning money from travel, there has to be some way to fund such an adventurous life.

I probably think about giving up my job and moving away on a daily basis. It is constantly on my mind, and I think this year I will be making some drastic changes. For now, I’m going to be realistic. I still need money to fund that one-way plane ticket after all..

I will still be working my full-time job for now, but I’m making myself a priority. I’m making travel and new life experiences my goal.

Although it’s quickly becoming a cliché phrase, life is short, and I’ve spoken to a lot of older and wiser people recently who have so many regrets. It saddens me to know that there is a generation of people who feel like they’ve missed out; that their life didn’t turn out like they had hoped, or there are things they wished they had seen or done with their youth that they were too scared to. My aim for this year is to make a start on a life without regrets. I’m 23 and I already regret missed opportunities and being fearful of the unknown.

I don’t expect to be able to quit my life and just go. Not yet, anyway. I’m being realistic, and I’m going to travel as much as I can while keeping some resonance of a normal life, until I’m in the position to do otherwise. The dream is there; I’m just making sure it does become reality.


Let me know what trips you’re taking this year and how you make travel your reality!

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