Monthly Wrap-Up #2

I know this has been said across the internet many times over the last week, but January really did feel like the longest month to ever have existed. Christmas 2017 feels like a whole lifetime ago, and I’m not sure it’s because of the sheer amount of stuff to have happened over the last month – much of it highly stress-inducing – or simply because I think a lot of people have suffered with the January blues this year. I feel like everyone I encountered last month was just not feeling ‘it’. Myself included.

There were however a few good things I enjoyed in January, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying, February, please be kind.




// Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

I love a good dystopic novel, but a lot of them lose that sense of humanity too quickly. Characters can go dry in favour of locations and world-building – which I get, but doesn’t stop me longing for some real interaction. Station Eleven follows the effects of a catastrophic flu pandemic that results in very little left of humanity and life as we know it. Following a few set characters and what happens to them pre and post the ‘Georgian Flu’, Station Eleven is everything you expect to happen but don’t want to admit. Superbly written , I didn’t want it to end.




// The Sorry Girls

Who said girls can’t use power tools?! Kelsey and Becky are a YouTubing DIY duo from Canada who create badass interiors and fashion videos. I’ve been watching them for a while but have been particularly loving looking back at their wedding and home décor DIY’s recently to help with my own planning. They are down-to-earth, have a fun vlog channel and their tutorials are really easy to follow, even if you are a complete novice with a hacksaw or sewing machine

// Weeds

I watched Weeds many years ago but I started rewatching it with Gavin recently and I forgot how much I loved this show! Following a widowed mom who deals drugs to her suburban friends to get by, Weeds has major Breaking Bad vibes. It’s funny, smart and was created by Jenji Kohan pre-Orange Is The New Black fame.




// Bershka Coat

Towards the end of January, I decided I wanted to stop playing it safe with my style, and really just go for what I want. Fed up of not trying on clothes because ‘they’d look great on someone else’ instead of me, I decided to just embrace what I like. Maybe it was the temporary pink hair that spurred it on, but I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with my clothes this month and I feel way better for it.

This pastel pink coat of dreams was a bargain in the Bershka sale. I sized up as I wanted it to be quite a loose fit (something I never normally do). I also bought my first pair of mom jeans after many years being glued to my skinny jeans. Boy, are they comfortable! I bloody love them. I’m an absolute convert as they’re so versatile, you can easily wear them on casual days with a tucked in t-shirt or throw on a blazer for a slightly smarter look.

That’s it! Not a lot to go on there, but I’m hoping February will bring good news and good times.

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