It’s all happening

You know when you’ve been waiting for something for so long that when it happens, it almost doesn’t feel real anymore. As if all those daydreams mean that the reality of it has become lost, chillin’ with all those other thoughts you spent so long mulling over.

Our house had been within reach for so long. Problem after problem after incompetence, meant that our completion date kept being delayed. And now all of a sudden, we’re homeowners, and we’re hit with lots of big questions – the main one being ‘what now?’

With a wedding now less than 2 months away and a house that still needs lots of decorating, now that it’s all finally happening, I find myself losing motivation. Probably down to the sheer amount of stress both of those things bring, tied together with health issues and the inability to be running at 100% ever again. I’m basically the embodiment of the ‘This is fine’ meme, slowly being engulfed in flames. Don’t get me wrong, they are good problems to have (minus the health issues) but it’s all finally here and I have a to do list longer than the queue at the Post Office over Christmas.

With all this being said, life is somehow rolling on, much quicker than I would like. I celebrated my 26th birthday a few weeks ago, have had 2 hen-dos (one in Budapest and one in Birmingham) and we’ve also acquired a dog! Yup – we have a new addition to our little family – meet Belle! She’s a rescue dog, nearly 5 years old, very loveable and extremely excitable!

I guess that’s it for the life update. I’ve got some more posts coming your way soon, but you’ll have to bear with me during this crazy time in my life!


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