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Fargo Village

The thing I love most about cities is that they all have a creative hub where the weirdos and wild imaginations come out to play. In some cities, they’re everywhere, dotted around like colourful raindrops in a puddle of grey, and then in others they’re tucked away behind corners and alleyways lined with graffiti art. If you live in a city, you’ll know the kind of places I’m talking about. It might just be a single cafe in the heart of your town, or a street full of vintage clothing and antique stores – whatever it is, you know the place.

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I have this unwritten rule to seek out these quirky places whenever I visit a new city, in fact, they’re often the reason I go to a city in the first place. This is where Fargo Village comes in.

Fargo Village is based in Coventry, a city that is fairly close to where I’m from but somewhere I’ve never really explored before. I had however, heard of Fargo Village, a place that immediately stood out to me because I’m a big Coen brothers fan – though I was slightly disappointed to see no references to the film or TV show. I took the Bank Holiday Weekend as the ideal opportunity to seek out Coventry’s cultural offering.

The village itself is more of a large, independent shopping area, with a mixture of vegan food, books and antiques all being sold. The art around the village, as well as the wonderful and wacky sculptures really made the place come to life. You could almost feel the good vibes oozing out of every doorway and around every corner.

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Fargo might not be big, but it’s definitely a must-see if you’re in the area. They also host a variety of events so be sure to check out the site to find out what’s happening at Fargo!

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