Embracing Change

As I get older, I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more and more accustomed to change. I’ve always tried to avoid boredom by taking on new challenges but when it came to making bold decisions that felt a little more permanent, I let fear get in the way.

Into the Deep

Over the past two years, life has taken some unexpected turns for me, and I’ve found myself learning to deal with change a lot easier, even occasionally throwing myself into the deep end of fear. I guess when you’re faced with problems that seem a whole lot bigger than your own, you realise that life is short and there’s no point in waiting around to do something because you’re unsure of the outcome.

I’m not saying don’t trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, but if you’ve been thinking about doing something for a while and have been too scared to make the move, just take the leap!

This is obviously on a much smaller scale, but an example of one of the things I had been thinking of doing for a while was to cut my hair much shorter. I’d been growing it for a long time and have always loved my long hair as it felt like a comfort blanket for me to hide behind. After the wedding, I thought, y’know what, I’m just going to go for it! It’s going to take some getting used to, but at least I’ve done it, rather than mulling over it all the time. Again, I’m aware this is a small change in the grand scheme of things, but it still felt like a big move for me. Our appearances are how we try to reflect who we are inside to the outside world; we’re often judged on our looks and it’s where first impressions often stem from, so making a change that you’re not used to can feel like a pretty big deal at the time. Then, when you do it, it just doesn’t feel that big at all. You embrace the change and live with it, whether it’s big or small, all change is, is living life’s experiences and being brave enough to take on something new.

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