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Dining Room Refresh

With the wedding now done, we have decided to throw ourselves back into house renovations. While our living/dining room had been plastered and partly decorated, there was still a lot to do to make it feel more homely and a place where we could actually have people over for games nights, or even dinner parties if we want to pretend like we’re actual grown ups.

As we’re hosting Christmas for Gavin’s family this year, it felt like starting with the dining room in particular was the best move. While we had kindly been gifted a small drop leaf wooden table for when we first moved in, we knew we needed a bigger option to be able to host everyone for dinner. This gave us the kick we needed to sort out the entire dining area to make it a place that we actually wanted to sit at meal times, instead of in front of the TV with a tray…



Bringing sunshine.

I knew I wanted the living space to be quite colourful. As the downstairs area is where we spend most of our time and where guests gather, I wanted it to feel inviting, bright and fun. We kept the walls a cool-toned grey so that we could inflict a few different colours into the space.

I know these bright yellow chairs won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we love them. They’re surprisingly comfy for a plastic seat and bring an element of sunshine to this space. Yellow is such a happy colour!



Finding the right table was difficult. We didn’t have the budget to go for a solid wood, industrial style dining table like I would like, so instead, we went for a cheap IKEA extendable table that fits in with the rest of the decor while being the ideal size for what we need. The fact that it extends means we can turn it around and have it going lengthways down this room at Christmastime. It will also be perfect for parties and setting up a buffet table!



It all comes together.

Then it all comes down to accessories and tableware, after all, they are what make this space truly what it is. We saw this industrial style, sleek candlestick holder in IKEA, and knew it would make the perfect centrepiece. Throw in some plants and some new dinner plates from Sainsbury’s Home, and we have the perfect little setup.

These prints from Desenio add some more contrasting colour. Eventually, we’re going to put up a shelf for these prints to lean on, but for now, they jazz up the unsightly radiator!



And that’s it! Quite a small area but I feel this has really changed the feel in this room. I’m so excited now to be able to make memories in this space and feel like we actually have somewhere to gather in this house. It’s also given me the motivation to sort the rest of the rooms out!



IKEA Extendable Table

Yellow Dining Chairs

Girl Gang Print

Cactus Print

Make Coffee Not War Print

Sainsbury’s Dinner Plates


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