Am I a writer?

A content creator? A blogger? A narcissist? A sheep?

When I was a child, I always wanted to be a writer. I loved stories – telling them and reading them. I had a wild creativity that existed in my conscious and sub-conscious mind. My dreams always led me down unusual paths to characters with mysterious motives, in worlds that were very different to my own.  A labyrinth of imagination.

Children are always making up stories. From the way they interact with their toys, to how they try to convince their parents they absolutely must have whatever it is they’ve seen on the television. With some of us, that passion for storytelling fades as we get older and turns into a love for something else. For others, they continue telling stories, whether that be through art, music or the written word.

Stories don’t have to be fiction. I had many notebooks as a kid that were full of stories of the things me and my friends had got up to. Diary entries of conversations I had, as well as the big events in my life – Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls was highly documented by my younger self.

I’ve had many blogs throughout my life that covered pretty much every single interest I have ever had; most of them are gone now, and what’s left is this.



Am I a writer?


Aside from my full-time job where I do have to write for a living, I still have the compulsion to write in my spare time. The subject is often unimportant, but being able to put words to paper ~ fingers to keyboard ~ is eternally gratifying. I’m no journalist. I don’t cover current affairs or provide thorough, in-depth reviews on here – I write for my own sake. For my own sanity. Whether anyone reads these words is insignificant; of course, if they do, I’m ecstatic, but it’s not why I do it.


Am I a writer?


A Modern Drift isn’t the end of it for me. I currently have the start of two novels and a draft of a children’s book on the go. They are nowhere near to being published and I have no idea if they ever will. All I know is that I still have that passion for storytelling and that it will never leave me.



Am I a writer?


There are many writers I admire. People who can string a sentence together in a heartbeat and have it be so beautiful that I want to get it permanently etched on to my body. So it goes. I think it’s extremely difficult to put a name to what type of writer you are nowadays. I enjoy writing everything from dramatic fiction to an interview with a local café owner. I have written personal stories of my own health, to travel guides and film reviews. I don’t give myself limitations and I certainly don’t put them on anyone else either.


So, call this whatever it is. Am I a writer? My craving says yes.

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