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Hometown Gold | Lickey Hills Country Park

A few weeks back, me and Gavin took a casual stroll through the Lickey Hills Country Park. It’s a place we frequently visit throughout the year for fresh air and a taste of the countryside. Living in a major city in the UK, it’s sometimes hard to escape the noise of everyday living. Sometimes it can be overbearing and make you want to retreat to the quiet comfort of your own home. Fortunately, our city is big enough to have places of solitude you can run away to.




The Lickey Hills is mostly a vast landscape of trees and hills that overlook the city. Despite being extremely popular, especially in the Summer months, you can walk amongst the trees and find yourself completely isolated from the pull of the city. Climbing on fallen trees and stomping in muddy puddles basically makes this place nature’s playground, and despite the cold temperatures, we had a blast exploring some local countryside and getting high on a huge dose of fresh air.20160110_203435000_iOS

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